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Little Armory: LAOP12 Hands for Guns 2 [Handgun Set] for Figma

Little Armory: LAOP12 Hands for Guns 2 [Handgun Set] for Figma

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Manufacturer: TOMYTEC
Size: Scaled for Figma

Little Armory


Gun action in figma form! A new set of gun-holding hands!

Presenting a set of figma hands to pose figma action figures with Little Armory 1/12 scale guns.

This set is a bare hands version of figma Tactical Gloves 2. The set is made to display your figures holding handguns, rifles and P90 type weapons. The set includes a combined left and right hand part for displaying your figma holding a handgun with both hands, hand parts for displaying your figma holding guns with angled grips and more, making it easy to display your figma with a wide variety of guns when paired with one of the previous handsets. The set also comes with runners for creating two large pistols. Enjoy pairing with your Little Armory figma figures, figma Styles figures and more!


Please note that the last of this item may be displayed outside of its original packaging.  If you want more information on whether or not the item has been displayed, or wish to have pictures of the display sent, please email

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