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Limit: Volume 1 (Manga)

Limit: Volume 1 (Manga)

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Publisher: Vertical
Age Rating: 16+


Go With the Flow

In classrooms across the globe there are cliques. These circles have set their own rules and standards that they attempt to impose on their peers, to varying success. Sometimes these groups go beyond the principles of friendship and scholarship. And in seemingly increasing numbers some of these groups turn to perversely righteous self-preservation.

Award-winning author Keiko Suenobu returns tackling yet another growing and controversial topic afflicting modern-day youth: high school bullying. Recalling themes from Lord of the Flies and Heathers, Suenobu's Limit takes Shoujo comics to new reaches of drama as the very concepts of cliques and circles are turned on their heads after tragedy strikes a typical high school class giving the once weak and lonely unsettling power over their pretty and popular oppressors.

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