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Fire Force: Shinmon Benimaru ArtFXJ 1/8 Scale Figurine


  • $254.99

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Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Size (approx): 275mm (10.83")
Series: Fire Force

――Your fighting partner is me !!

From the TV anime "Fire Force" by Atsushi Okubo, which has a cumulative circulation of over 12 million copies worldwide, "ART FXJ" is the "strongest firefighter" who is the captain of the 7th Special Fire Force. Lineup in the series!

It is three-dimensionalized by imagining a scene that flies in the air with its own firing ability and stands in front of the enemy.

A clear material is used for the pedestal part that imitates the "Matoi" that burns vigorously, which is a characteristic weapon of the "Red Maru". In addition to the powerful pedestal modeling, the fluttering modeling of the "matoi" held in the left hand makes the figure very voluminous.

Fluorescent paint is used for the flames of the eyes and pedestal, and it is designed to emit light when illuminated with a black light.

Please pick it up and enjoy it from various angles!


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