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ES Eternal Sabbath: Volume 3 (Manga)

ES Eternal Sabbath: Volume 3 (Manga)

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Publisher:  Kodansha Comics
Age Rating: 16+



 Only Human

What does it mean to be human? Dr. Mine Kujyou thought she knew, but then she met Isaac and Shuro – genetically engineered superhumans who can read minds and control people with their thoughts. For support, Mine turns to her oldest friend, Kimiko, whom she trusts more than anyone in the world. Isaac and Shuro, the products of a cruel scientific experiment, are difficult to understand, but could her own best friend be just as mysterious? Though Mine is is enjoying her quality time with Kimiko, tensions are brewing just beneath the surface – hidden jealousies and resentments that Mine is too innocent to notice. But Isaac can see them, and and in Isaacs hands, nothing's more dangerous than a dark secret.

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