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ES Eternal Sabbath: Volume 2 (Manga)

ES Eternal Sabbath: Volume 2 (Manga)

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Publisher:  Kodansha Comics
Age Rating: 16+



Dangerous Thoughts

Mine Kujyou is a brilliant and beautiful scientist who has unlocked some of the darkest secrets of the human mind. But she's about to discover the hard way what the mind is really capable of. Mine joins forces with Sakaki to defeat Isaac, a genetically engineered superbeing with terrifying mental powers. Though Isaac is still a child, he is powerful and cruel enough to destroy anyone who gets in his way. For extra help, Mine turns to Shuro, who shares Isaac's strange powers but not his hatred for humanity. Yet Shuro is far from compassionate, and Mine can't fathom his indifference. She's never encountered a mind quite like Shuro's, but she'll have to learn to understand him fast. Isaac has killed again, and it won't be the last time.

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