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Eromanga Sensei: Izumi Sagiri Tenitol

Eromanga Sensei: Izumi Sagiri Tenitol

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Manufacturer: FuRyu
Size (approx): 210mm (8.27")

Eromanga Sensei

She looks so cute turned around!

A figure of Sagiri in loungewear is now available. From FURYU's affordable new figure brand "TENITOL" comes a figure of Sagiri Izumi, known by her pen name "Eromanga-sensei", dressed in loungewear! ◇The moment she turns around is very attractive! The figure is based on the image of the moment when Sagiri turns around from the ending image of the first episode of the anime. The lively movement of her hair and the light texture of her clothes are expressed in this figure. It is a figure full of fun, as if she is about to skip around at any moment. ◇A special stand is included! A cute pedestal that expresses the fluffy feeling of pink clouds is also included, giving the figure a voluminous feel.

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