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Erased: Volume 3 Omnibus (Manga)

Erased: Volume 3 Omnibus (Manga)

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Publisher: Yen Press
Age Rating: 13+



Satoru has succeeded in protecting Kayo from danger, and so he turns his attention to the serial killer's next target: a girl named Aya Nakanishi. Though in many ways Aya is the exact opposite of Kayo, she too finds herself spending a great deal of time alone – an easy target for anyone familiar with her schedule. However, in derailing the killer's pattern as it played out before Revival, Satoru has lost his advantage of foreknowledge and is no closer to identifying the culprit behind the serial slayings. Even so, his efforts in “playing detective” have not gone unnoticed, and while he may have removed his friends from the killer's sights, Satoru seems to have landed himself squarely in the killer's crosshairs instead!

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