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Chainsaw Man: Chainsaw Man ArtFXJ 1/8 Scale Figurine

Chainsaw Man: Chainsaw Man ArtFXJ 1/8 Scale Figurine

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Size (approx): 205mm (8.07")
Series: Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man from the anime CHAINSAW MAN comes to life in 1/8 scale!

His devilish intensity has been fully captured in this figure, with an incomparably impressive finish that makes it seem like he will come alive at this very moment!

Details like his sharp, dark gray chainsaws and fully intimidating head have been thoughtfully perfected on this piece. From his swaying necktie to each wrinkle in his uniform, even the fine details are not to be missed!

Enjoy this incredibly dynamic Chainsaw Man together with the upcoming Makima and Power by adding him to your collection today!

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