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Blue Spring Ride Complete Series Blu-Ray

Blue Spring Ride Complete Series Blu-Ray

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You don't get do-overs in life... But if you're lucky, you might get a second chance.

Can you change who you are inside? In middle school, Futaba's shy nature and cute appearance attracted boys, but made other girls so jealous that she became a social outcast. So, when high school began, Futaba remade herself, becoming sloppy and pretending to be unfeminine... and now she has friends! But her new world comes crashing down when she runs into a boy she used to know: Kou.

He was the one boy who could have been more than just a friend. However, Kou has changed as well, so much that she barely recognizes him. And while the attraction that she used to feel seems to still be there in her heart, he doesn't seem to feel the same way anymore. Or does he? Is the difference in the way Kou's acting due to how different she's ostensibly become? Or have they both changed too much to ever recapture what they had? What goes around, comes around, as two young people rediscover each other and their own true selves in Blue Spring Ride. 

Rating: 14A



 Run Time:

300 minutes (12 episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs)


1080p High Definition / 16x9

Blu-Ray Audio:

Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0



Special Features:

Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation, and Sentai Trailers

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