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Again!!: Volume 1 (Manga)

Again!!: Volume 1 (Manga)

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Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Age Rating: 16+


Kinichiro Imamura isn’t a bad guy, really, but on the first day of high school his shifty eyes and bleach blonde hair made him look so suspicious that his classmates assumed the worst. Three years later, without any friends or fond memories, he isn't exactly feeling bittersweet about graduation.  But after an accidental fall down a flight of stairs, Kinichiro wakes up three years in the past...on the first day of high school!  Has he really gone back in time, or is it just a crazy dream?  Either way, an encounter with an awkwardly eccentric fellow student might give Kinichiro the chance to live a different version of his dull high schol life - if he can just bring himself to seize the chance...

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