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Takt Op.Destiny: Unmei 1/7 Scale Figurine

Takt Op.Destiny: Unmei 1/7 Scale Figurine

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Manufacturer: FuRyu
Size: 230mm (9.06")

Takt Op.Destiny

"Fate" is made into a figure wearing a crimson dress!From the TV anime "takt op.Destiny" comes a 1/7th scale figure of "Fate" wearing a crimson dress!

A beautiful figure with a smiling expression, hair fluttering in the wind, and a silhouette of roses at the ends. The crimson dress has been carefully created to realistically express the wrinkles and swaying of the dress, from the knee highs and boots to the corset straps.

A musicat that has "fate" in its body. Have a beautiful “fate” at hand. Her smiling expression and clear eyes are beautiful. The way her hair flutters and the silhouette of the roses at the ends of her hair have been sculpted. The star mark that appears and disappears from the hair around the left eye is also a point! Her hair ornaments have been carefully finished down to the smallest details, such as roses and thorns. The crimson dress realistically expresses the wrinkles of the dress and how it swings greatly!

From black lace to knee highs and boots, we carefully create different textures for each material. Even the cords of the corset have been sculpted in detail. The delicate back is a beauty that you will admire unintentionally! Musical notes are scattered on the pedestal, representing the world view of "takt op.Destiny". The powerful variable weapon has become a beautiful figure with an imbalance with the delicate "fate". With a beautiful smile on her face, the silhouette of fluttering hair and roses at the ends. From the swaying crimson dress to the details of the corset's cords, you can enjoy the beautiful "destiny" from any angle.


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