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Spy x Family: Loid Forger 1/7 Scale Figurine

Spy x Family: Loid Forger 1/7 Scale Figurine

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Manufacturer: FuRyu
Size: 275mm (10.83")

Spy x Family

From the TV anime "SPY x FAMILY" series, "Twilight" Lloyd Forger is turned into a 1/7 scale figure!

Wearing a three-piece dark green suit and holding a gun with a silencer in one hand, Lloyd walks briskly down the stone pavement. With his well-groomed blond hair and piercing eyes, he has an appearance befitting the codename of "Twilight"...

Lloyd Forger, a capable spy who belongs to "WISE". His hair is blond with two blocks on the sides and back. His blue eyes and piercing gaze make him look like a capable agent with the codename "Twilight". The three-piece suit has a beautiful gradation of deep green shades, and the red tie is a focal point. Even accessories such as suit pockets, button patterns, collar badges and pocket handkerchiefs are carefully sculpted. Wearing black gloves and holding a gun with a silencer in one hand, it is finished as Lloyd walking quickly on the stone pavement. The pedestal has the look of stone pavement and has an image of the world view of the spy family. If you display it together with the separately sold Anya, it will give you a realistic feeling just like an anime!

*Anya figure sold separately.

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