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Overlord: Albedo Yukata Ver. 1/8 Scale Figurine

Overlord: Albedo Yukata Ver. 1/8 Scale Figurine

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Manufacturer: FuRyu
Size (approx): 230mm (9.06")
Series: Overlord


Albedo in a yukata, with the most cute embarrassed face with dyed cheeks.

From the darkest fantasy series "Overlord" comes a figure of Albedo in a yukata with a cute shy appearance.
A 1/8 scale figure of Albedo, who is full of happiness on a summer festival date with Ainz, which was exhibited at Anime Japan 2019.

Her embarrassed expression with her eyes lowered and her cheeks dyed red is cute enough to make her heart pound!
Each and every one of her feathers has been carefully sculpted into jet-black wings that shine beautifully with blue pearls on the surface.

The characteristic spider web design of the yukata is also faithfully reproduced. We also carefully created a fan with Ainz-sama printed on it.

By all means, please bring it together with Ainz-sama.



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