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Konosuba: Megumin Chomusuke Hoodie Ver. 1/7 Scale Figurine

Konosuba: Megumin Chomusuke Hoodie Ver. 1/7 Scale Figurine

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Manufacturer: Kadokawa
Size (approx): 250mm (9.84")
Series: Konosuba


A figure with an attachable/removable hoodie! Megumin is the first installment in the Hoodie☆Look series!

A cute figure of Megumin wearing a hoodie inspired by Chomusuke from the extremely popular KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! anime series is here! This figure has a design exclusive to CAworks and is clad in a Chomusuke hoodie while also wearing fluffy loungewear!

Her hoodie has wings and a tail just like Chomusuke, and her shy pose has been carefully recreated, turning it into a figure with a lively presence! Parts can be exchanged to remove the hoodie to display a cheerful, smiling Megumin striking a V sign pose! Be sure to add this exciting Megumin figure that can’t be found anywhere else to your collection!

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