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Daomu Biji: Wu Xie 1/7 Scale Figurine

Daomu Biji: Wu Xie 1/7 Scale Figurine

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Manufacturer: Myethos
Size (approx): 245mm (9.65")
Series: Daomu Biji


From "Daomu Biji" comes a scale figure of Wu Xie.

From the popular Chinese novel series "Daomu Biji" comes a 1/7th scale figure of the protagonist Wu Xie! The wrinkles of his outfit and the various decorations have been faithfully sculpted. Not only has Wu Xie himself been carefully brought into figure form, but his accessories, equipment, chair, the wood floor base and the secret notebook left by his grandfather have all been captured in incredible detail.

The red flaming dog, a symbol of the Wu family crest, is sculpted surrounding Wu Xie as though to protect him from harm. The family crest is also featured on the base of the figure and the notebook in his hand. Be sure to add him to your collection!


Please note that the last of this item may be displayed outside of its original packaging. If you want more information or wish to have pictures of the display sent, please email

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