Monthly Build Meets

The next build meet is on:

Sunday, March 26, 2023


Join our monthly build meets at our physical location in Kelowna, BC!

If you're in a building mood, or if you've never tried before and are looking to get started, feel free to stop by!  As an added bonus, all models and modelling supplies will be 20% off to those attending the build!*

All ages welcome.  No sign-up is necessary.  Do to the limited amount of space, we can only have a maximum of 12 people at any given time.  Attendance will be first come, first served.

Our store will not be open for regular shopping during these hours.


*Discount is only available for people attending the build and is not stackable with other promotions.



1. We are a family friendly store.  Please keep all content appropriate for all ages, particularly if there are younger attendees present.  This includes language, conversation topics and build designs (eg. nothing overtly graphic or sexual).  Anyone who does not respect these rules will be asked to leave.

2. The build meet will last for three hours.  You are welcome to stay for as much or as little of that time as you would like.  Chibi's staff will be present on site if there are any issues.

3. Chibi's will have some basic tools available for those who need them.  They will, however, be limited in quantity.  We ask that anyone who has tools please bring their own.  Tools will also be available to purchase for those who wish to do so.

4. Drinks must have a lid.  No alcohol is permitted.

5. You are welcome to play music or videos, provided they adhere to the family friendly policy.

6. Be positive and encouraging!  Constructive criticism is fine, provided it's respectfully delivered.  The modelling community has always been incredibly supportive of each other, and we hope to see that continue.

7. Have fun!


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