2022 Halloween Build Competition

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Here at Chibi's, we have a special fondness for Halloween.  It's a time where we can dress up and channel our inner ghouls (or our inner nerds), a time when the monsters lurking in the shadows emerge and are pacified with candy and creative pumpkin carvings, and a time when harrowing tales are shared around the campfire as we roast marshmallow (or is that just the start of a horror movie?).  In honour of one of our favourite holidays, this year we will be doing a Halloween themed build competition!

TL;DR: Entry fee is a donation to any charity.  Digital submissions accepted.  Entries rated 18+ will not be accepted.  Last day to submit your entry is October 31, 2022.  Competition is not skill-based. Winners will be selected by us based on overall design and notified early November. Look for more information/requirements in the FAQs.

How to Enter:
  1. The entry "fee" will be a donation to a charity of your choice.  This year, we would like to give back to the community in some way.   We have a few links listed below for some charity options.  If you would prefer to donate to a different charity, though (either goods or money), that is also a valid form of entry.
  2. We do not require proof of donation (we are going based on the honour system).  We ask that you please respect the spirit of this build and donate.  Any donation value works. If you want to donate $1, that's great. If you want to donate $1,000, that’s great too. Please only donate what you feel is appropriate to your finances.
  3. You can download an entry form here or pick one up in-store.
  4. Completed entries can be brought to Chibi's Anime Goods and Collectibles (or pictures can be sent to contactus@chibisanime.com). Some entries may not be displayed in store or online. See FAQs for more details, or ask the staff at Chibi's Anime Goods and Collectibles.
  5. The deadline for entry (either physical or digital) will be October 31, 2022.  No late entries will be accepted.
  6. Judging will happen on November 1, and winners will be notified no later than November 5.
  7. If you would like us to show off your entry on our website, send us a photo with any information you would like listed (name, title of build, descriptions, etc).  We reserve the right to not display/post pictures of your model if we believe your work to be too mature.  


This is not a skill-based build!  We will not be judging based on the technical skill that went into build, nor will we be judging on the cleanliness/polish of the final product.  Halloween is all about fun, so our judging will be strictly based on which model we enjoy the most.




Junior Frightmare

Children 12 and under are welcome to enter with parental permission.

Only one prize will be awarded.

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Master of Macabre


Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to enter!
The top three winners will be awarded a prize.

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1. Do I have to purchase my entry from Chibi's?

A: Entries do not have to be purchased at Chibi's. While we appreciate the support, we understand that you may have a kit or figurine that is perfect for this competition, and do not want to limit your creativity.


2. I have an unlicensed kit. Can I use this? 

A: Unlicensed kits, figurines, and anything else will not be permitted entry into this competition. We will require a list of materials in the entry form, and any unlicensed or bootleg items will result in an immediate disqualification (this does not apply to generic items such as pipes, etc., or items you design and print yourself). Chibi's firmly believes in licensing and authenticity. When purchasing unlicensed or bootleg items, the money does not go to the creators of the series, or anyone involved in the official production of the series and its merchandise, which ultimately hurts the industry. There are other serious issues involved with bootleg items, which we are happy to discuss at length (we are quite passionate about the topic).


3. I love blood and gore in my Halloween. On a scale of Spongebob to Saw, how much am I allowed to include in my entry?

A: As fans of Halloween and the horror genre, we do not want to limit your creativity too much. However, as a family friendly store, we also need to be respectful of all participants. As such, we are allowing blood, gore, psychological horror, and any other avenue you want to explore, so long as it does not cross the 18+ boundary. Anything that is rated 18+ will be automatically disqualified. Chibi's also reserves the right to not display or advertise more graphic entries.


4. What do you mean by 18+?

A: Anything that is excessive blood and gore (think Silence of the Lambs, The Hills Have Eyes, and other such horror movies), nudity, and anything else that is overtly graphic or sexual in content. If you have to cover someone's eyes so they aren't scarred for life, it is too much for our competition.


5. Does my build have to be scary?

A. Not at all! There's more to Halloween than just scaring each other. We look forward to seeing your interpretation of Halloween, be it spooky, sweet or something in between!


6. Do I have to build a Gundam Model?

A: Your entry does not have to be strictly Gundam. If you want to dress up a Zaku, that would be wonderful. If you want to enter a 30 Minute Sister, Zoid, or Megami Device kit, that works too. Whatever you think works best for your idea!


7. Are figurines, dolls, and non-model items okay as well?

A: Absolutely! We know this isn't typical for a "build competition", but we want this to be a fun, creative, Halloween competition. We feel that including entries based around figurines and other items will be a fun addition to this. Some items will be excluded (plushies, etc...), but if it's made of PVC, it's probably okay! If you aren't sure, feel free to ask :) We won't bite (yet).


8. If I win, do I have to pick up my prize in-store?

If you win and are located in the Kelowna area, we ask that you pick up your prize in-store.  However, if you live out of area and are unable to make the trip, we can either ship out your prize to you (at no cost to you) or, if you would prefer, we can issue you a credit to our online store for the value of the prize in question.


9. I've heard you guys are vampires. Is it true that you won't bite? 

A: No comment.




If you're looking for charity options, charityintelligence.ca has a list of the top 100 rated charities that you can check out!  We also have a few different options listed below:

Food Bank:

The food bank has drop off boxes all over the place.  Simply drop food in a Food Bank donation box, or send them a cash donation here

Animal Charities:

If you have a pet or love animals, most pet stores have donation options at the till (you can either buy pet supplies or donate money depending on where you are).  There are also online options, including the BCSPCA or the Okanagan Humane Society.

Help Children in Need:

There are a few different ways you could support children who need help.  Many different businesses are affiliated with the Children's Miracle Network and offer the option to donate during checkout (or you can donate yourself directly using the link provided).  You can also choose to donate to the BC Children's Hospital or affiliated programs like Extra Life.


Any charity is acceptable; there is no wrong answer.  If you have a preferred charity that you would like to donate to, feel free! 




Junior Frightmare:

Mimikyu Quick!! Model Kit ($10.99 value)
$10 gift certificate
(or $20.99 gift certificate)

Master of Macabre:

1st Place:
Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimagear Gold Sarcophagus Model Kit ($54.99 value)
$10 gift certificate
(or $64.99 gift certificate)

2nd Place:
Zombie Shiromo Molcar Model Kit ($29.99 value)
$10 gift certificate
(or $39.99 gift certificate)

3rd Place: 
30MM Customize Weapons [Witchcraft Weapon] ($8.99 value)
$10 gift certificate
(or $18.99 gift certificate)


We look forward to seeing all of your frightfully spooky (or adorably creepy) Halloween submissions!  Remember, this competition is all about having fun and giving back, so don't stress over your build!  Any submission is a good submission :)  


Have fun,      

happy building, 

and, above all...